Molecular Precision Mental Health

Molecular Precision Mental Health

Statement on the use of cannabidiol for mental disorders

Cannabidiol is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant. It has been attributed to several pharmacological effects in recent years and is recognised as a prescription drug in e.g., Germany since 2016.

However, due to insufficient data on dosage and efficacy, as well as the different qualities of cannabidiol available on the market, we are currently unable to recommend its use for mental disorders.

We do
NOT support the use of cannabidiol for self-initiated therapeutic attempts or assist patients or doctors in this area. We strongly oppose third-party advice on the matter, as most advertised cannabidiol preparations do not meet the high standards required for prescription drugs.

It is important to note that many patients who contacted us have not had access to the full spectrum of approved treatment options. Our group is currently conducting clinical trials, which can be found at CBD-ESPRIT.