Molecular Precision Mental Health

Molecular Precision Mental Health

Statement on the current clinical use of cannabidiol for mental disorders

Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring compound of the cannabis plant. Several pharmacological effects have been attributed to the compound over recent years. The compound holds an orphan drug designation in the USA and is recognised as a prescription drug e.g. in Germany since 2016.

Based on various reasons e.g. poor data on efficacy and tolerability and insufficient data on dosage (except its use in rare childhood forms of epilepsy) as well as the different qualities of cannabidiol on the market (in part holding concentrations of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol >1%), we are currently not able to recommend the use of cannabidiol for mental disorders independent from controlled registered clinical trials.

Please understand that we therefore do not support self-initiated therapeutic attempts using cannabidiol or assist patients or doctors in this area. We feel these attempts are not justified at this early stage, in particular in the light of a lack of long-term safety data.

We strongly oppose respective third party advise! In particular, the vast majority of advertised cannabidiol preparations do not fulfil the very high standards for active pharmaceutical ingredients as required for prescription drugs.

Independently, it is noteworthy that a large number of patients who contacted us directly or via their relatives, have not made use of or had access to the full spectrum of approved treatment options.

Information on clinical trials currently performed by our group are available at CBD-ESPRIT and CBD-FEP.